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Challenge your environment

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One of the great moments of education for the Chancellor of Vanderbilt University was when he stood up at a Rotary Club function and said “What is it about education in America, that you walk into a room full of six year olds and say “How many people here can draw?” and every hand goes up, ‘I can draw. I can draw anything’, and then you walk into a classroom full of graduate students and you say, “How many people here can draw?” and almost no one thinks they can. What kind of an education system is this?

What can we draw from this, pardon the pun?

Is it the fault of the education system or our willingness to accept pre-determined cultures or processes?

How well do we challenge our existing environment? Do we accept what we do and how we do it so our ability to change is restricted? Like budding artists, once we enter the education system we find artistic endeavours reduced, especially as we are informed by educators that there is limited future for you in the business community.

How much does that culture permeate existing business environments where the so called “norms” are founded on cultures developed some time ago and struggling to cope with the digital landscape?

Our ability to determine what we encounter is enveloped by pre-existing cultures. If we are to be successful in our endeavours we need to break free of these or follow some who is.

The onset of the digital age we now become exposed to more information in a year than our parents were in their whole lifetime and there is no sign that this is going to slow down.

How do we cope? How do we make full use of this phenomenon?

It is clear that focusing internally is not going to provide the complete answer. We need to embrace a wider audience. What were once your competitors could well be your partners of the future, and what were once your suppliers could well be your future colleagues as the focus moves towards collaboration on the widest scale to deliver success?

What moves are you making to ensure your company is capable of operating locally but delivering globally as the digital world makes everyone connected? How connected are you going forward?


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