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Workers are wasting your time. Find out why.

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A fifth of business time is wasted searching for information.

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What would you do if you had full time member of staff who only turned up 4 days a week? You’d fire them right? What if I told you that without the right project information management, the equivalent is happening each week!

According to a McKinsey report, employees spend 1 and half hours every day – 7.6 hours per week on average, searching and gathering information.  That’s nearly the same as having 5 workers and only 4 turning up; the fifth is not contributing any business value as they are off searching for answers.

Lack of information results in:

  • Poor decisions based on faulty or wrong information, delivering poor results
  • Duplicated efforts because more than one business unit works on the same project without knowing it has already been done
  • Lost productivity because employees can’t find the information they need and have to resort to asking for help from colleagues

Is social collaboration the answer?

Social collaboration has emerged as a way to connect people to people and people to information so they can be more informed, collaborative and make real-time decisions. It could save time and money, and result in your team working at full capacity.

What forms of social collaboration do you use? Please leave a comment below.


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One thought on “Workers are wasting your time. Find out why.

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