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The future of cities and innovative design

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Walk around any city and you are presented with an array of buildings. The older or bolder tend to get the attention but by far the majority slip into that creative pit known as architectural blight.

Buildings not only reflect their inhabitants but can provide a pleasing backdrop to the everyday humdrum of life. I have always wondered what was involved in the creative process behind an idea in regard to buildings and why we don’t have more of them.

Is it the lack of money preventing creativity, designed by committee or is it just too hard? Maybe its a combination of all three which sucks the will from those with creative juices that defaults to the “lets not stand out in case we get ridiculed” mantra.

Thomas Heatherwick, an architect from London, clearly shows that it can be done and people will support those who believe in their vision.

Whether you like what he does or not isn’t the point, it’s the fact that we see visual distinction from one project to another allowing the viewer/user to interpret as they will but can’t dismiss it without reflection. What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment below and let us know how you think innovative design will change the future of cities.


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