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Culture vs. Strategy or Culture and strategy?

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Ken Wilcox, Silicon Valley Bank CEO, tells you to imagine your team is an orchestra, everyone has an instrument to play and every instrument is important. When you all play together at the same time and off the same sheet of music you produce beautiful music. However, it requires everyone to play and play simultaneously. Different parts but the same sheet.

Wilcox believes that the most important things a company can focus on are culture and strategy, but if you have to limit it to one, culture trumps strategy. If you have a great culture everyone will play off the same sheet of music, naturally developing a strategy that will win, making beautiful music.

However, it is important not to let culture simply become your business plan as opposed to strengthening your business? Do you not have to teach your team the best way to play their instruments first? That’s not to say that culture isn’t important – it’s very important. But if culture is developed outside of strategy, so strategy is not the key driver, then could culture not be a bad thing – everyone plays the music together but what is the purpose?

Should it not be less culture vs. strategy but more a collaborative approach? You can have the best strategy in the world but if you fail to take those vital steps and develop a culture or provide the tools that support collaborative innovation, strategic deployment will not occur – the enthusiasm will not exist and people will struggle – potential leaving you with silence.

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