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How do you put the puzzle pieces together to create a proposal?


As the industry has become more competitive and complex, in today’s economy, you have to write more proposals, and better proposals, than ever before.

Client-centered, persuasive proposal writing has become a common requirement for winning business throughout the entire business world. This means team members can spend valuable time searching through dated and irrelevant material before you even consider editing it into a presentable, stand out format. It can be even more frustrating when you know you’ve done a similar proposal in the past, and have successful projects that will support the bid alongside qualified staff, but waste time collating the relevant information.

Automating a large proportion of proposals could eliminate as much writing as possible. Minimising the labour-intensive task of searching and retrieving reusable content so that proposal specialists can spend more time editing and positioning the content will deliver a big win. This greatly enhances the marketing and accounting staff communication and sharing of information, and can have a large impact on your win rate by making the proposal process less cumbersome and more accurate.

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