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Rework plagues projects, and can cost you $312,000.

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Preventing, or at least curtailing, rework is one cost-cutting measure you should embrace.

Projects often experience cost and schedule overruns and rework is a significant factor that directly contributes to these costs. Rework, whether it is a result of an initial request being misinterpreted or not working from the latest version, continues to affect both cost and schedule performance throughout a project.

Ensuring that all worker information is stored centrally so that it is accessible by all of your staff to enable your business to tap into collective knowledge, improve productivity and increase revenue, can save you a significant amount. See how you could be wasting $312,000 per year

There are other costs-cutting measures you should consider:

The High Cost of Not Finding Information
61% of your day is lost in project information at a cost of $52,000.
Your projects cost more, take longer and need more staff


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