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Do you spend an average of one out of every 10 hours on file management?

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According to GISTICS research, professionals were found to spend an average of one out of every 10 hours of their time on file management, mainly searching. The average employee looks for media 83 times per week, and fails to find what they need 35% of the time with no Digital Asset Management in place. That same study found that estimates that a DAM system, like OpenAsset, will help cut the rate of failing to locate the media will fall to 5%.

There is a high cost of not finding information.

An average of $8,200 per person is spent on asset management activities. $8200 per year per person!  How many people in your company deal with asset management per year? Multiply that on a 1-year or 5-year basis and you can see how much money you may be wasting. That’s time your staff could be working on something else, possibly something billable.

Digital Asset Management has always made sense and always had clear benefits and process efficiencies.


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